6 Mart 2009 Cuma

7 Ethical Steps About Social Media

Social media which we are still learning and exploring how to use in professional experiences is a new channel for Marketing and PR professionals. Being "social" with other people or customers is not something new. Frankly speaking, it should not be worth awards or prizes, it should just be the normal case! There should always be etiquette when dealing with other people, that’s just common decency. And we should be plain smart about how we present ourselves. The rules in this case are the sum of millions of individual actions, reactions, interactions, etc. Here we summarize the main rules of using social media components, as much as we can. Please, share your own opinions about social media "code of ethics" and let's add more rules to the below list; 7 ethical steps about Social Media
- Be honest and remain in possession of the content about your subject - Easy to share & access
- Likewise brand-journalist relationship in conventional media, there must be an ethic share between partners of social media and content suppliers
- Respect to personal privacy rights
- Respect to employer privacy
- Never represent both parties. Being a "gateway" on request might be the only exception
- Any shares in a commercial organisation shall be disclosed


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